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Forms You Need to Build in Boston

Best Pro Builders Fills You In On What Forms You Need to Build in Boston

While we all hope to carefully plan out renovations on our homes, not all situations allow for the kind of time necessary for the homeowner to put the proper permits in place right off the bat—electrical and plumbing issues can occur at any moment and are often time-sensitive.

That’s where Best Pro Builders comes in!

Our licensed professionals can offer quick, reliable solutions that keep you up to code and prevent any unplanned fees.

The City of Boston has updated its requirements for new construction in the area, specifically related to Inspectional Services, which is why having a reliable contractor is more necessary than ever.

Best Pro Builders is up to date on all inspection forms and codes. Below is some information about the forms and fees you will need for your project in order to get started with Best Pro Builders.

Inspectional Services Permitting Process

Inspectional Services Permitting ProcessBoston’s Inspectional Services Process comes in two “Counters”.

The first, Counter 1, does applications intake for electrical, building, gas, and plumbing permits.

Counter 2 processes reviews for local zoning codes concerning parks, environment, landmarks, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

They also process appeals. Counter 1 permits are typically issued same-day while Counter 2 is more situation-specific.

A same-day permit might get issued if you need to do an emergency plumbing fix, but what can you do if it’s, say, a Saturday? Best Pro Builders has the experience to make sure any fix you need done happens when you need it.
What’s more, building without the right permits in place can cost a pretty penny if the city decides not to remit your permit.

When you hire Best Pro Builders, Boston’s Inspectional Services process is a breeze.

Long- or Short-form Permits

Best Pro Builders can help you make minor improvements on your home or help you renovate your ideal home from the ground up.

The City of Boston requires a permit regardless of which change is being made. Long-form permits are required for nearly every construction project.

In South Boston, they are now required for all projects larger than 1000 sq. feet. Any smaller projects require the owner or contractor to fulfil a notarized statement stating exact square footage.

Short-form permits are only for projects that do not change a building’s intended use, available exits, or area of livable space.

In both cases, a homeowner must have a copy of the agreement made between the homeowner and contractors like Best Pro Builders.

If you do not intend to use a contractor, homeowners must show proof of having workers’ compensation.

The licensing and permits required for homeowners to make their own changes on buildings in Boston are already held by reputable contractors, so using Best Pro Builders in your next construction project can considerably speed up the process while also mitigating legal concerns.

Other permits you may need to apply for in order to build in your own home are:

  • Demolition
  • Use of Premises
  • Foundation
  • New Construction
  • Flammable Storage
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Plumbing

You will also need to submit building plans with any required approval from other city agencies and submit these plans as a PDF to the City of Boston.

Each plan of the site plans must be notarized by a professional designer with accurate scaling, detailed file specifications, and must adhere to something called the American Institute of Architect’s page naming convention.

Permits that have gone to Counter 2 for appeals may also take further time, and not all building projects are given extensions.

Professional contractors at Best Pro Builders will help to ensure your project gets done on time, stays up to code and, most of all, guarantee that you are satisfied. Contact us and get a quote today!