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How to Perform Regular Electrical Maintenance Checks

Although you may have never had a problem with the electricity on your property, it doesn’t mean you can neglect regular maintenance.

A little work now goes a long way in keeping the system working properly.

Below, we’ll cover some of the tips needed to help ensure you are maintaining the system properly.

Ideally, you will do a simple check of the electrical system about once every month or two.

The maintenance checks tend to be simple and won’t take long, so just add them to your normal routine. You will need to keep a few things in mind, though.

Safety Always Comes First

Too few outlets

Electricity can be dangerous when it’s not properly respected. Whenever you are doing maintenance, make safety your top priority.

If you are going to be cleaning outlets, for example, make sure you turn off the electricity in that part of the home while you are working.

The same is true if you have any electrical anomalies occurring in the home.

Once you have turned off the power, plug in a lamp or other item and test it to be sure there is no running electricity.

Once you have ensured it’s clear, you can then clean outlets and breakers, as noted below.

Another safety tip is to have at least one fire extinguisher that’s rated for electrical fires in an easy-to-access area.

When you do your electrical maintenance, be sure to note how long you have before the extinguisher will need to be replaced.

Clean Outlets and Breakers

This is a maintenance task that a lot of people never bother doing simply because they don’t know how important it can be.

Dust and dirt can start to accumulate on your outlets and breakers, which could make them less efficient.

Simply use a lint-free cloth to wipe them down. Depending on how much dust accumulates in your home, you might only have to do this a few times a year.

While you are looking at the outlets and breakers, look for any signs of wear, tear, or other issues. Keep in mind that those sorts of problems are best left to the professionals to fix.

Inspect Appliances and Cords

You likely have quite a few appliances, as well as lamps, electrical devices, etc., plugged into your outlets.

Take a few minutes to check those appliances to ensure they are in good working order and look at the cords for signs of fraying.

If there are issues with the cords, be sure you have them replaced, so you don’t run the risk of fire or shock.

If you have old appliances that aren’t working properly, it might be time to have them replaced, or at least inspected by a repair professional. Even if your electrical system is working properly, a faulty appliance could cause some serious problems for you.

NEVER DIY Major Issues

Tripping breakers

Although you can handle simple maintenance and changing out cover plates or light switches, you will want to leave any other issues to the professionals.

Even when you take safety precautions, there is a major risk when you try to do repairs yourself.

You aren’t a trained electrician, and you could make some mistakes that would increase the risk of an electrical fire in your home. Let the pros handle the problems.

Additionally, you may want to schedule periodic inspections from an electrician.

Even just one or two simple inspections a year can help highlight any potential issues with your electrical system.

It’s better to have someone spot them early so they can be fixed before they become a larger problem.

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