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Secrets of deck construction

Secrets of Deck Construction

Are you thinking about having a new deck installed on your property? A deck can be a wonderful addition to the home, providing you and your loved ones with an outdoor area so you can enjoy the fresh air, barbecue, and entertainment. Of course, adding a deck tends to be a large undertaking, albeit an exciting one.

Therefore, you will want to know some of the simple but important secrets of deck construction, so you get it right. Below are some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind before you get started.

Make Sure You Have Permission

Building permitThe first thing you have to do, even before you start thinking about how you want your deck to look, is to make sure you get permission to build the deck. Even though you own your property, you may need to get a permit before you add the deck to your home. Getting a permit ensures that you know the building requirements for decks in your area. It will take a bit longer, there’s a cost involved, and you will need to make sure the deck passes inspection, but it is worth it.

When you take the time to get a permit, you don’t have to worry about fines from the local municipality, and you won’t have to worry about faulty construction since it will be inspected.

Know Your Budget

Once you learn whether you are required to get a permit to build your deck, you will want to think about your budget. How much are you able to spend on the deck? The budget will inform the decisions you are making including the size of the deck and the type of wood that you will be using for the deck.

It will also ensure that you don’t get carried away with design ideas that you will not be able to afford. If you find that there are certain features you want or a certain type of wood and you don’t have the money right now, you might want to save up until you can get the deck that you truly want. Otherwise, you might not be happy with the results.

Consider Your Yard’s Size

Deck installHow much space do you have available for your deck? The size of your backyard will dictate the deck that you can have. You probably don’t want to take up the entire yard with your deck. How much space do you need for other things, such as a garden, a place for the kids to play, an area for your dog to play, etc.? Knowing these things can help you get a better idea of how much space you want to dedicate to your deck.

You then need to think about the space on the deck when it comes to adding furniture. You don’t want it to be overcrowded. It should be easy to maneuver on your deck.

Create a Deck Plan

Keep in mind that just because you have a large yard doesn’t mean you need to have a massive deck. Consider how you will be using the space and create a deck plan that will match up well with your needs.

Are you going to use the deck as a place where you can entertain family and friends?
Do you want to be able to eat out on the deck?
Do you want to have a grill on the deck?

When you are creating the deck plan or talking with deck professionals about your ideas, think about all of the ways that you will be using the space.

Think about the traffic flow that will be going from the house to the deck, the yard, etc. How many entrances will you need for the deck? If you have a deck that’s on the second floor, will you have an outside stairway for the deck? Will you have a wraparound deck that has an entrance from the kitchen and the living room? What will be most convenient?

What if you aren’t sure what you might like from your deck? It’s time to head online and find pictures of decks for properties similar in size to your own. Take the time to look through places like Pinterest, galleries from deck builders, and home and garden websites. Take note of the things that you like and don’t like about what you see. This can help to make coming up with a viable deck plan you like much easier. You can always count on Best Pro Builders to make the things easy too. Just give us a call and we can discuss about your plans.

Deck buildingChoose the Right Type of Wood

This is a big decision, as there are plenty of great types of wood that you can consider. However, one of the secrets of creating the perfect deck is getting the wood that’s perfect for you. Some of the best woods for deck include cedar, redwood, Douglas Fir, and southern yellow pine.

Do a little research on the cost of the different types of wood and the benefits that each can provide. Of course, you also have to consider your budget.

If you want to choose a tropical wood like mahogany, you can expect to spend quite a bit more than if you were to choose something like cedar.

Remember the Maintenance

When you are choosing the wood and the size of the deck, you should keep in mind the maintenance it will require. Many homeowners forget about this and it comes back to bite them later. Think about the amount of time you have available for cleaning the deck, as well as how you will protect it during the winter.

Get Some Help If Needed

Can you build and install the deck on your own? If you have the necessary tools and you are handy, it could be a good DIY project. However, it does tend to be a large undertaking and you might find that having a few friends with experience could make it easier. If you and your friends don’t have experience, you might instead opt to hire someone to handle it for you.

Hiring professionals can ensure that the construction is done properly from start to finish. Professionals like us can let you know what type of maintenance the deck will need and everything else because we know exactly the secrets of deck construction.

We hope you understand that building decks is not so easy as it seems but BEST PRO BUILDERS are here to help. We work with deck construction and maintenance. We offer a full range of professional services. From full design/build services to installing that backyard patio and outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, you can trust our team to deliver.

No matter if you need construction, remodeling or some other home services, count on us to make your life easier.