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Main Problems with Old Bathrooms

The Main Problems with Old Bathrooms

So, you’ve decided to take on a bathroom renovation. It is only a matter of time before you have the bathroom you have been dreaming of, right?

If you decide to take on a bathroom remodel with the help of the BEST PRO BUILDERS, there are things to be aware of.

For older bathrooms, in particular, there are some hidden challenges that may not be readily apparent.

Before you start with the renovations, it is important to know what some of those challenges may be and how to address them.

Water Damage

One of the most common issues with taking on the remodel of an old bathroom is hidden water damage. This is usually the result of unaddressed plumbing issues.

Moisture, even heavy humidity, can get into unseen areas and begin to cause issues.

Leaks are also quite common, particularly with showers and bathtubs.

Be aware that there may be water damage when you start pulling things out.

Properly removing all of the damage and ensuring structural and flooring integrity is crucial before moving to the rest of the renovation process.

Damaged Plumbing

Standards for plumbing have changed exponentially in the last couple of decades.

The Main Problems with Old Bathrooms

There are certain materials that were commonplace in decades past that would not pass regulations in today’s world. Even if things are not functional or simply outdated, they can create issues along the way.

Corrosion is also a serious issue with bathroom pipes. It is not uncommon to find cast iron or galvanized plumbing in older bathrooms. These are more likely to suffer from corrosion issues, which can potentially compromise the quality of the water flowing into your home.

Pipes that have worn down over time are also more likely to leak.

It is no secret that leaking can result in some major issues over time. While there may be nothing that you can do about the previous issue, going into the situation with these expectations can change how you get through it all.

Electrical Problems

This is one aspect of the remodel that should absolutely be done by a pro. Electricity is a wild thing, and there is a lot that can go wrong.

In older bathrooms, it is a safe bet that if the pipes are bad, the electricity is in the same boat.

Opening up the walls can lead you to find that there are a plethora of issues with the wiring. In some cases, this includes spliced wiring or exposed wires. It isn’t unheard of to find wiring that is touching bare wood or even insulation.

Contacting a pro can allow you to resolve these electrical issues in a timely, safe manner.

Don’t let hubris get the best of you because it is the most dangerous thing that you could do.

An electrical contractor can get the wiring right again, allowing you to take on the rest of the renovation safely and with confidence.

Best Pro BuildersFinal Thoughts

Renovating an old bathroom can be a great idea on paper. If you want to avoid some of the shock that comes with the process, do your homework.

Sure, you may avoid those issues altogether and get through a simple renovation.

More than likely, renovating an old bathroom is going to come with underlying issues. Unless you go with the BEST PRO BUILDERS, that is.

When you have a good idea as to what will come, it can give you the resolve to push forward and get things fixed.