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How to Keep the Deck Looking Brand New

You have spent money and time working to ensure that you have a beautiful new deck. You’ve created a gorgeous space where your friends and families can spend time relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. It’s a place where you can unwind from the stress of the day. You are proud of the results, and you want to make sure that your deck always has this brand new look. Below, you will find some simple tips that will help to keep your deck in shape now and for years to come.

Clean Up Accidents Right Away

If you eat and drink out on the deck and spill, or if you have a pet that has a bathroom accident on the deck, you will want to clean it up the minute you spill it. This will reduce the risk of staining.

Sweep deck regularlySweep Regularly

Your outdoor deck gets dirty relatively easily. Pollen, dirt, leaves, twigs, and a host of other types of debris make their way onto your deck. If you leave debris on your deck for too long without sweeping it away, there is the potential for it to cause staining. Leaves that get wet and that sit on the deck can start to rot, as well.

Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to sweep off your deck at least once a week. It should only take a few minutes and it will be a good way to reduce some of the wear and tear on your deck.

Remove Snow and Ice

In the winter, you know that you need to shovel your walkways and driveway. However, it’s just as important to remove the snow and ice from your outdoor deck whenever possible. Even though many types of wood are moisture-resistant, having a lot of snow and ice for months at a time is not good for the deck. This will help it to stay drier, so the moisture does not cause damage to the wood beneath. Shovel or sweep off the snow.

When the snowy season arrives, you might even want to protect your deck’s surface with a tarp, which can place a barrier between the wood and the moisture. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about shoveling the snow each time.

However, you should also consider the structural integrity of your deck, just as you do your roof when it snows. Decks can withstand a lot of weight, but if there is constant snow weight on the deck year after year, it could start to cause problems with the structural integrity.

Seasonal Scrubbing of the Deck

You should wash and clean your deck about once per season. If you live in an area where it snows during the winter, then you can skip the scrubbing during that season, of course. You can and should mop your deck with a bristled broom, such as a push broom. The bristles should be stiff, but not so stiff that they damage or remove any of the stain. You can count on us with the cleaning service to keep your deck impeccable. We can help to get out some of the dirt that has started to settle onto the deck and it will keep always like a brand new deck.

Pressure washing the deckAnnual Pressure Washing

While cleaning with a broom and some deck cleaner once a season is a good idea, you should also pressure wash your deck once a year.

Just make sure that you keep your pressure washer on a low setting, so you do not damage your wood.

You can rent a pressure washer if you do not have one of your own, or you could call us to handle this aspect of the maintenance for you.

Pressure washing will help to remove any of the dirt that the regular cleaning doesn’t get. You should always make sure that you pressure wash your deck before you stain it, which is the next tip for keeping your deck looking great.

Staining the Deck

Stain works well as a barrier against the elements and anything else that the world throws at your deck. It also helps to give your deck the beautiful look that you know and love. You can opt for a clear coating if you love the look of the wood on your deck, or you could choose a darker color if you prefer. Choose a stain that can seal the deck and that can help to keep it safe from UV rays, which could damage it over time.

Make Minor Repairs

You should also inspect your deck regularly to look for signs of damage. If you notice any issues, even if they seem like small issues right now, they should be repaired before they get worse. This will make keeping your deck in shape for the long haul much easier.

Each season, you should inspect for things like rotted wood, rusted bolts or screws, and loose boards. Make the replacements to these areas as needed.

Deck furnitureBe Careful of Furnishings and Decor

When you have furniture and other pieces of décor on your deck, you want to be careful when it comes to placement and movement. Don’t drag heavy furniture across the deck because it will cause scratches in the wood. Instead, get someone to help you move it.

Additionally, you should move the furniture occasionally. About once a season is enough. This is because if it stays in the same place for the life of your deck, you will start to notice that the sun is discoloring your deck. If you leave the furniture in one place, the spots beneath that furniture will be darker than the rest of the deck.

A Little Work Goes a Long Way

With these tips, you can make sure your deck looks new for years to come. Taking care of your deck and getting into the routine of proper maintenance is not difficult. Make it a part of your normal cleaning and maintenance process for your home. You can handle many of these tasks on your own, but you could always opt to call us to help you with them if you would like.

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